DILL SALMON LOAF with Piquant Yoghurt Sauce

With Christmas on the horizon I’m starting to look for recipes that will work on the big day. I think this salmon loaf would make a great starter.  You could make it the day before and serve it cold with the yoghurt sauce and a light salad.


Was travelling through country NSW recently and after a long day of driving we decided to have a quick meal at a Chinese restaurant before an early night – big mistake. I wasn’t all that hungry and thought a prawn omelet would be ideal.  Not so, it was dreadful, unrecognizable frozen seafood and a heavy pancake thick ‘egg’ batter, really awful.  Nothing at all like this recipe which is full of fresh vegetables, prawns and 8 eggs – and I’m sure no dose of indigestion as I had after my Tamworth one.


You can tell this an 80s recipe by the lovely wooden bowl and spoon in the picture.  Not convinced that the spoon would be much good for getting the casserole out of the bowl though.  Think a more modern metal one would do a far better job.


Vegetarian recipes weren’t something Mum would have been looking for on the pages of the Herald Sun.  Growing up I can’t remember anyone among our family or friends who didn’t eat meat, so cooking vegetable only dishes just wasn’t necessary.  This recipe is on a page Mum kept from the paper that had pork, lamb, sausage and fish casseroles on it, so the recipes were around, they just weren’t something Mum made.


Version One has the grand title Chicken Saute Au Gratin – a bit fancy really for chicken and mushroom topped with chips and cheese.  Still as the tag at the bottom says it’s a great one for kids.


Version Two is not that much more sophisticated and should also be one kids love.  Having just made a ‘pasta bake’ ie macaroni cheese for my grand-daughters, I really think this could also be called a pasta bake.  Although I think I’d substitute whole milk for the evaporated milk for a better flavour.



I love Beef Wellington, but it’s a tricky thing to make so I usually leave it to the experts.  This Salmon Wellington looks a lot easier and although the recipe uses tinned Red Salmon I don’t see why a nice piece of fresh salmon couldn’t be substituted.

Salmon Wellington