As a child I loved going to stay at my Auntie Elsie’s as she would always make salmon patties for me, I loved them.  I’ve never managed to make any as good as hers and they certainly weren’t as fancy as these ones that John West published years later.  The closest here is the Australian version minus the corn or lemon.


I know it’s lazy but I think being able to buy frozen sheets of pastry is a wonder of modern baking.  Although I don’t usually buy wholemeal sheets I do think they would work really well in this tandoori flavoured chicken and vegetable roll.


As you can see the full title of this recipe from the Australian Meat and Live-Stock Corporation is ’24 minute Speedy Mexican Lamb’, a bit long I thought so I’ve shortened it.  The good thing is that it’s quick to make. I think the recipe card was put out by the Corporation in the late 1980s, whenever it was, Mum and I both seem to have collected quite  a few from our butchers’ counters.