Like all risottos this needs a bit of attention and patience to make, but I love the idea of combining chorizo, red wine, vegetables and parmesan cheese. I can’t decide if it’s Spanish or Italian, but either way the end result is worth the effort.


I often cook steak and French onion soup wrapped in foil and baked, so the idea of putting these two ingredients together isn’t all that strange to me, but the addition of pineapple……I’m not that sure about. I guess it would work and the sauce should be quite good, especially if you serve it with mashed potato. Worth a try?


With the price of lamb and beef at the moment, pork has become a more economical choice of meat to use. Although this recipe says to use pork medallions from the loin, I think you could use a cheaper cut of pork as there’s plenty of flavour in the mustard, onion and chilli sauce. You just need to cook it a little bit longer, until it’s nice tender.


For Australians of my generation Camp Pie brings back memories of a tinned meat that was almost tastless and what taste there was wasn’t good. Our mothers would open the can, slice the meat and serve it with salad…….ughhh. Not a happy memory at all.

Thankfully this recipe has a bit more flavour and is a lot tastier. Although it’s only sausage meat, it does have some bacon and some sauce and spices to pep it up. It can only be an improvement only the tinned version – believe me…….


This is the first time I’ve seen cocoa powder used in a pork recipe – it seems very strange, especially when you add in the brown sugar and nutmeg, then cook it in milk and garlic. It comes from a recipe sheet put out by the Pork Promotion Centre, so I guess it works. Are you brave enough to try it? Not sure I am.


With Easter just around the corner I thought this old smoked cod and corn casserole might be interesting to make. Fish has become an expensive product to buy, but smoked cod is one of the more affordable types. I quite like it as it holds it’s shape and works well with potatoes and in this case crushed potato chips.

Metric conversion: 1lb = 500g, 10oz = 315g, 2oz = 60g


I often cook lamb over a bed of onions, but haven’t tried cooking pork that way. It looks quite delicious in this recipe, especially the with addition of the two sauces and honey brushed over and then the apple, sage and wine sauce to served with it. The added bonus is that the apple, sage and wine sauce is a good gluten free substitute for gravy.

CHICKEN GRAND-MERE – with Herbed Sausage Stuffing

Much to my surprise this is a classic French roast chicken dish. It’s from the The Sun Readers’ Recipes column back in the 70s/80s and I thought when I read it that the sender was just calling it that instead of Grandmother’s Chicken……but I was wrong. I’ve used a meat stuffing in turkey at Christmas, but not in chicken, but it makes sense that it would work just as well in chicken. I’ll have to give it a go.