My daughter and her family have been caught up in the latest Melbourne hotspot lockdown and are now faced with another four weeks of social isolation.  It’s hard for them to return to the conditions that most us us have now been freed from, but one of the positives of the last round was that our lovely 9 year old granddaughter cooked lunches for them.  So I’m posting this easy hash brown and baked bean recipe for her to try this time.


You can make this recipe as six self-saucing puddings or one large family size pudding.  Tinned cherries are used and that makes it an all-year round pudding, although I think eating it hot and with a large dollop of cream screams ‘winter’ to me.


Last year I was looking for a recipe for a zucchini loaf to take on a family picnic.  I found this chocolate variety and decided to add a chocolate cream cheese frosting that I use on another cake.  It worked really well and was a great hit with the family.


Seems like winter is approaching fast, especially with Melbourne temperatures dropping to around 12o this weekend, so it must be soup time.  Probably my favourite time of the year, although to be honest I can enjoy a mug of soup nearly any time of the year.  This recipe calls for minted frozen peas, but if they aren’t available, I sure you could add a bit of chopped fresh mint instead.


When this cheesecake slice with cinnamon, orange and sultana filling was published in the Woman’s Day it was described as ‘mouth-watering’ and they said that it would ‘really impress your family and friends’.   It looks fairly easy to make and should transport well, so they might be right and it would just thing to take when you’re asked to ‘bring something sweet’ to a gathering.


I’ve never made a Hummingbird cake and hadn’t heard of it until I found this recipe. Wikipedia tells me that the Hummingbird Cake was created on the island of Jamaica and was named after the island’s national bird and that it’s been a favourite of American county fairs and baking competitions since the 1970s.  This one is made using pecans, but you can use walnuts, if you prefer.