When I was growing up the best part of the Sun newspaper was the Corinella children’s page.  Each week the paper would publish jokes, drawings and recipes sent in by children and they would be awarded certificates of merit.  This Fried Rice recipe earned it’s sender a Blue Certificate.  It’s not the way I make Fried Rice, it has a much higher egg to rice ratio than my version, but it looks good and certainly worthy of a Blue Certificate.



Version One has the grand title Chicken Saute Au Gratin – a bit fancy really for chicken and mushroom topped with chips and cheese.  Still as the tag at the bottom says it’s a great one for kids.


Version Two is not that much more sophisticated and should also be one kids love.  Having just made a ‘pasta bake’ ie macaroni cheese for my grand-daughters, I really think this could also be called a pasta bake.  Although I think I’d substitute whole milk for the evaporated milk for a better flavour.



This is a nice meaty pasta bake with carrot, celery and mushrooms cunningly hidden to fool those picky eaters.  I like that you can make it and freeze it as it’s always great to have something in the freezer for those busy or lazy nights when you just don’t have time or feel like cooking.

Beef & Pasta Bake


I think this is one of the most versatile of the meatball recipes that Mum collected.  You can make them as a savory to have with drinks or serve them as a main dish with either rice or pasta.  The recipe even has instructions for freezing and reheating – what more you possibly want.

Greek Meatballs


Meatballs must have been one of Mum’s favourite meals as I’ve found lots of recipes for them in her collection.  This one must have been a later one as it uses a bottle of pasta sauce and fettucine, ingredients that weren’t around when she was cooking for us as children.

Pork Meatballs