As this says it’s not a traditional moussaka.  Traditional Greek moussaka is made with eggplant and this recipe uses potato in it’s place.  I think that using both eggplant and potato would work really well too, but making a traditional mince and tomato base sauce would probably be a lot better than a can of braised steak and onions.



This casserole base makes two portions and is a great way to pre-prepare a couple of nights dinners.  You can make the base, divide in half and then freeze it.  It’s easy enough then to defrost it and add the extra ingredients on the night you want to use it.


The name Strawberry Matches brings to mind flaky pastry, strawberry jam, cream and pink icing to me.   Mum used to make the pastry herself, put the jam inside with the cream and topped the whole lot with pink icing – they were Yummy.  Sadly this isn’t Mum’s original recipe, but they are much quicker to make and probably taste almost as good.


Limes are now a common thing in Australia to cook with and to add to drinks, but in Mum’s day lime juice was only something 19th century British sailors had drunk and Limeys was a derogatory name for those sailors. This Key Lime Pie recipe comes from a Pie Delight segment in the New Idea, can’t find a date on it, but I’m guessing around the early 2000s.


Little tarts like these always remind me of the afternoon tea parties Mum used to have with her friends.  I’m not sure she made these particular tarts, but the sight of the pastry, filling and cream somehow brings back memories of getting home from school and being allowed to eat the leftovers…………..ahhhhhhhhhhh………..delicious memories.



Every time I pick my granddaughters up from school and take their lunch boxes out their school bags I’m astonished at how magnificent lunchboxes are these days.  When I was at school my lunch was a sandwich wrapped in lunch wrap and piece of fruit which Mum into a brown paper bag.  Unsurprisingly squashed sandwiches and squashed fruit were often the result.  Mum was also inventive with sandwich fillings, banana and sultanas, vegemite and celery, cheese and beetroot and sometimes a homemade cheese spread.  Not sure that this is the recipe she used as she wouldn’t have put sherry in her kids sandwiches, but it might be tasty for bigger kids lunches at work or uni or as a dip.