CHRISTMAS LEFTOVERS – Ham and Egg Breakfast with a Difference

After all the Christmas cooking it’s great to have some easy recipes to use up all the lovely leftovers. This is another from the Herald Sun cooking page ‘Second time around’ and jazzes up plain ham and eggs.

CHRISTMAS LEFTOVERS – Mushroom and Ham Toasts

This week’s recipes come from a Herald Sun cooking page with the title ‘Second time around’.  After all the Christmas cooking it’s great to have leftovers, but you do start to run out of ideas on how to serve them.  These toasts can be made using ham, turkey or chicken and that makes them a winner.


I’ve already posted a recipe for Pumped Leg of Lamb, but instead of boiling the meat this recipe bakes it in dough and then coats it with a marmalade glaze. That makes it a bit more work, but the result could be quite good.  Although the original recipe suggests either mutton or lamb, pork would also work very well.



I think this recipe, published by the Women’ Weekly in 1974, shows how differently we buy meat these days – no need to ask the butcher to remove the bones, its already done for you now.  That’s great, but I don’t like the way its wrapped in netting.  I find that it sticks to the crackling and is hard to get off.  Laying the meat out, stuffing it and then tying it with cooking string like this recipe suggests is a much better idea.  I’ve included the apple sauce recipe although it’s not like Mum’s version.  She left out the cloves and lemon and always put a knob of butter in after she’d pureed it.


This “Real Chinese Taste” Sweet and Sour Pork was a free recipe handed out by Amoy Genuine Chinese Food sometime in the 70s.  No mention is made of cooking it in a wok as I doubt that any non-Asian cooks had one or in fact even knew what one was.  Guess Amoy thought they’d better just stick with a frying pan.


Don’t think this recipe will be for everyone.  My family don’t like meat cooked with fruit and a whole lot of people don’t like prunes…..but…..if those two things don’t turn you off I think it could taste fairly good.  Don’t worry if you don’t have an oven bag just cook it in a greased casserole dish with a lid.