I think you’re supposed to make these for kids parties, but with a bit of luck there’s some left over for the adults.  They’re best using cocktail frankfurts, but you can use chipolata sausages if you prefer.




All I’ve ever known about Eccles cakes is that they are English.  So when I found this recipe I thought I’d better find out a bit more about them.  Good old Wikipedia tells me that ‘Eccles cakes are named after the English town of Eccles. It is not known who invented the recipe, but James Birch is credited with being the first person to sell Eccles cakes commercially, from his shop in the town centre in 1793″.  Any fans of the 1950s Goon Show will also know that Eccles was a character played by Spike Milligan – an amiable, well-meaning man with no wits or understanding, in other words a bit of an idiot.  So the humble Eccles Cake has quite a history.



I’m absolutely sure that when Mum saved the Pampas pastry leaflet that this recipe comes from she had no idea one of her great grand daughters would be having Nutella on her toast whenever she comes to stay with us.  Mum also would never have expected to be able to buy Nutella pizzas, donuts, cheesecakes, etc.  It’s a great example of how things have changed in the last 30 years…….