My father loved to fish.  He and an old army buddy bought a boat and would go fishing on Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay.  I have a lot of memories of waiting on the sand for them to come back, clean the boat and put it on the trailer so we could finally go home. The result was a steady supply of fresh fish.  I just wish my mother had had this recipe though as I always found the plain fried fish Dad loved pretty boring.  This marinara filling would have made it far more interesting.


As a child I loved going to stay at my Auntie Elsie’s as she would always make salmon patties for me, I loved them.  I’ve never managed to make any as good as hers and they certainly weren’t as fancy as these ones that John West published years later.  The closest here is the Australian version minus the corn or lemon.


I confess to liking salmon, whether it’s smoked, baked, grill or even tinned, so that’s probably why I really like this salmon pate.  You need to use red salmon to get a good flavour, that makes it a little more expensive, but it does make a good amount.  As it says it’s quick, easy to make and everyone seems to like it.  Also, leftovers are great on toast this next morning!!!