If you’re stuck working from home now and can’t stop off on your commute to the office for an ‘energy’ giving treat to get you through the day. What about baking some of these, eating all you can then freezing some for later.  A bit more effort perhaps, but well worth it!


You can probably see that this recipe was one Mum saved from the label on a tin of sweetened condensed milk.  I thought slices and biscuits using sweetened condensed milk had gone out of fashion, but maybe not, as during this Covid crisis it’s been one of the items that’s been hard to get at my supermarket.  Maybe that’s because, like this recipe,  slices and biscuits using it are usually fairly quick and easy to make.  Great for baking and eating while stuck at home…………


I decided that I could group these two beef and bean dishes together.  They are a little different, but as they both use minced beef and beans I felt they went together.  So take your pick….. the  Beef and Beans has bacon, chutney and butter beans, the  Chilli Beef ‘N’ Beans is spicier and has chilli, red kidney beans and the surprise ingredient of vegemite.


I was sorting through Mum’s old recipes last weekend and found this Pot-Roasted Chicken recipe.  I liked the idea of being able to put everything into a casserole, put it in the oven and forget about it for a couple of hours – so I cooked it last night.  It tasted great!!!  I didn’t bother to reduce the liquid so it was pretty juicy, but that meant that the leftovers have turned into a great soupy-broth for lunch today.  Well worth trying…….


Veal is a meat I don’t often cook with these days, it was used a lot more when I was growing up.  In this recipe you could substitute beef, but it’s worth using veal if you can buy it, as it’s quite tender and makes a great pie filling.  The polenta base and rounds on the top make this into a very hearty pie.


Unfortunately there’s no picture with this recipe, which is a shame as I think a lamb casserole with a crumble topping is a little unusual and would not only taste good, but would look good as well.   It would be a good casserole to make for a group and could easily be made gluten free by simply using gluten-free plain flour.


So what is a Bounty Day pie you’re asking……well according to Wikipedia…. ‘Bounty Day is a holiday on both Pitcairn Island, destination of the Bounty mutineers, and on Norfolk Island. It is celebrated on 23 January on Pitcairn, and on 8 June on Norfolk Island, the day that the descendants of the mutineers arrived on the island’. I guess this is a pie they make to celebrate the day, although it does seem fairly similar to a Greek beef and spinach pie – don’t suppose it matters what you call it, as long as it tastes good.