BASIC PLAIN SCONES with Cheese, Pumpkin and Savoury variations

Taking my lead from the Great British Bake Off I feel I have to say –  “It’s Scone Week” as I’m going to post five different scone recipes.  Mum was a great scone maker so I wasn’t surprised to find this many recipes in her collection.  This first one is the basic mix and then Cheese, Pumpkin and Savoury variations.


Winter is only four days away here in Victoria, so it’s time to start thinking of hearty winter casseroles.  The combination of tomato sauce, vinegar, curry powder and brown sugar in this recipe reminds me of another one I make, which has pumpkin instead of the potato in it.  The good thing with this recipe is that you probably have all the ingredients in the cupboard so it can be a last minute decision to make it.


I’ve posted recipes for lots of different fruit cakes since I started this blog, but have just realized that a Pumpkin Fruit Cake recipe is missing from the collection.  Mum and I have both made the pumpkin version over the years, we didn’t use wholemeal flour, but either way the pumpkin is a nice touch to the traditional cake.