When I first started making this terrine you couldn’t buy minced chicken, so there was no alternative but to drag out the mincer and process the chicken and veal yourself. Since those days a blender or pre-minced chicken make it a bit easier. I think if you’ve got the time mincing up the chicken breasts and veal yourself is the best option, as you get a better quality mince, but if you don’t have the time give pre-minced a go. The finished terrine tastes really good and is worth the effort either way.


Lockdown No. 6 here in Victoria calls for something yummy like these rock cakes. Maybe my 10 year old granddaughter will make them for her parents and sister who are stuck on Zoom work and home schooling calls. Anything that helps us get through all this is welcome, don’t you think…….


I often cook steak and French onion soup wrapped in foil and baked, so the idea of putting these two ingredients together isn’t all that strange to me, but the addition of pineapple……I’m not that sure about. I guess it would work and the sauce should be quite good, especially if you serve it with mashed potato. Worth a try?


It’s been a cold, miserable week here in Melbourne. Between the rain, damaging winds and lockdown No. 4 the only thing that’s kept a lot of us going is planning and cooking yummy food. Lockdown has ended, but winter’s only just beginning. Hopefully this hearty, old fashioned pudding will help in the cold days ahead.


The blurb that goes went with this recipe from the Herald Sun cooking page says the recipe was given to the contributor by an American Rotary Exchange student and that it’s simple, sinful and cooks up fudgy and fantastic. I can imagine that’s all true, but I think it should also have added that it’s definitely only for chocolate lovers……


Cantaloup or Rockmelon, what do you call it? As a Victorian I call it cantaloup, but my husband a New South Welshman calls it rockmelon. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it tastes good and combined with strawberries and cream makes a cool and simple summer dessert.