This recipe comes from the back of a pack of Puff Pastry sheets. Of course you can make your own pastry, but really who has time for that, especially when the bought product is so good. Which leaves the biggest job to be the peeling, coring and slicing of the apples. Definitely worth the effort if you end up with a great pie like the one in the picture.


I’ve been searching through the recipes this year looking for an interesting alternative to a plum pudding for Christmas Day. I’ve discovered that there’s lots and lots of alternatives including this Toasted Nut Cassata, which has fruits, nuts and brandy – all the good ingredients of a Christmas pudding. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll go with it, but it’s definitely a contender.


I confess that I’m a soupaholic, the weather only has to be slightly cool and I’m make myself some soup. For visitors I follow a recipe and make ‘proper’ soups, but for myself I make something closer to this old recipe. The big difference between my soup and this is that I just throw everything in (no sautéing) and add a tin of commercial soup – whatever I have in the cupboard. Oh, and I don’t mash or blend it. My end product is a chunky vegetable soup, very filling and great on a cold winter night. Try it and see if you agree!!!!

SALADS – Coleslaw Fruit Medley, Zucchini Italian Style, Mint and Citrus

This is the last of the 80s salads from the Kraft Salad Days leaflet. It also shows bottles of all the dressings used. The only one that doesn’t appear on the supermarket shelves these days is the Creamy Cucumber and I’m guessing that’s probably because the cucumber flavour wasn’t strong enough.

SALADS – Herb, Potato Corn n’ Cucumber, Gazpacho, Citrus Coleslaw

Here’s another batch of 1980s Kraft salad ideas. At first glance some of the combinations seem a bit odd and they’re certainly not what we’re putting together in 2022, but I think most of them would actually taste fairly good – although I do have my doubts about the Citrus Coleslaw…….

SALADS – Combination, Avocado, Sesame Cauliflower, Mushroom

Running out of new ideas for salads this summer? How about going back to the 80s and trying out one of these from a leaflet that Kraft put out back then. While the salad dressings they mention may be available anymore, there’s enough other varieties around now that you can easily find a substitute.