There’s nothing too unusual about these Little Meatballs, it’s more their size. As the recipe says they’re quite versatile, you can put them a pasta sauce or sweet and sour sauce.  You could even serve them with a dipping sauce as a nibble or pop them in the kids lunchbox.  I’ve included Mum’s Tomato Sauce for Mince Balls recipe as I think it goes well with them.  Enjoy………..


For years Mum made a savoury slice using sausage meat which she’d take on picnics, a recipe that I’ve made lots of times as well.  This sausage pie is a bit different though with the layers of sausage meat, tomato and onion topped with egg.  It’s sort of an adaption of an egg and bacon pie. I haven’t made it, but as it says it would be great hot or cold.