I’m sure there’s a much more authentic way to make Mexican rice around now, but back in February 1972 Sunwhite rice published this recipe in the Woman’s Day.  It mightn’t be a true taste of Mexico, but could still be a tasty dish.



This recipe sent me off googling ‘apple brandy’ as I thought sprinkling that instead of straight brandy on to the fruit might give it an extra kick.  I had Calvados in mind, but I discover there’s other apple flavoured liqueurs on the market these days, so maybe it would be worth trying one of those instead.


I’m lazy these days and buy prepared herb or garlic bread at the supermarket, but back in the 1970s you had to make your own.  This recipe is slightly different because it has both the garlic and herbs in the one loaf.  It says to slice the breadstick lengthwise, butter it and then cut into serving size pieces, again not what we usually did.  Think I’d stick to just cutting it into serving size pieces and definitely wrap it in foil before you put it in the oven otherwise you’ll have butter everywhere.