There’s no date on the magazine page this recipe is on, but I can tell it’s as early as the 1960s in a few ways. Firstly, the paper is really old, secondly the pie dish size is in inches and not centimeters and lastly the silver dish is very similar to one I was given as a wedding present in 1971. Despite it’s age it looks quite a luscious way to use tinned apricots. (Pie dish conversion 20-22cm.)


Back in the 60s using sweetened condensed milk and cereals to make slices and biscuits was quite the thing to do, so this caramel topped cornflake slice was not unusual.  It might be a bit old fashioned now, but it’s still cheap and easy to make and tastes pretty good.  2oz butter = 60g.


This old recipe bring back loads of memories as it’s the first dish I cooked a boyfriend back in the 60s when I flatted with a load of girls in Sydney.  Despite the rather strange name and my limited cooking abilities, it actually tasted OK and he had the courage to marry me. His perseverance paid off though as, thankfully, I have improved both my recipe choices and abilities over the years.


My husband was brought up in Sydney and chokos hold a special place in his childhood memory – not a good one. Back then choko vines grew in many Sydney and Queensland backyards.  My husband’s Irish grandmother, who had emigrated to Australia with her family in 1901 and settled in Queensland, loved them and used to send him around the neighbourhood collecting them.  She would boil them and serve them with a white sauce.  He said they were totally tasteless and hated them.  I don’t know if she used them to make chutney, but this recipe might have made them taste a bit better.


When I was young the Christmas treat was a roast chicken this could involve killing, plucking and cleaning the bird and was a major job.  There was no such thing as frozen chicken so the effort in cooking a chicken made it very special.  From chicken we seemed to have moved onto turkey for Christmas, but it’s not everyone’s favourite, especially the dried out leftovers.  I found this old 1968 roast duck recipe in the collection and I thought it might be of interest.  It has Bread Sauce to go with it, something I’ve never tried.  So maybe it’s time for a change and return to the 1960s!!!


This is an old recipe of Mum’s that I’ve been making for years.  I originally made it as a spread for toast, but it’s just as good on biscuits with drinks. It used to be a pain to make as you had to put it a mincer, which was messy and took ages, but now you just throw it in the blender. You can make it as chunky or fine as you like, my sister-in-law loves it and I try to remember to make it when she’s coming to stay.


Our family had a great picnic in the park last Sunday and my lovely 7 year old granddaughter and I made a Savoury Luncheon Slice* to share.  On the same page as that recipe is this other slice of Mum’s which is also an old family favourite.  The two us will have to make it for the next picnic.

*it’s already posted if you want to try it out


This recipe bring back memories of Mum in the kitchen peeling the cooked beetroot and the bright red hands she had afterwards.  I think it tasted better than today’s tinned variety and if like me you really like beetroot, it’s worth doing – just make sure you wear gloves…………………