Or in French, Oeufs a la tripe………. I think it’s been translated without the word tripe in the title as, if you’re like me, that conjures up quite unpleasant childhood memories of a flabby, tasteless blob covered in white sauce.  I’d much prefer this variety, although I think a bit of cheese, maybe gruyere, would make it even better.


Not sure you can get much more Australian than damper, especially if you serve it with a lamb stew.  Originally it was a simple flour and water mix baked over a campfire, now recipes like this one have gone a step further using wholemeal flour, cinnamon and pumpkin. It still goes well with lamb though.


Almost back to school time after the long summer holidays here in Melbourne.
So I thought some old 1970s sandwich filling ideas might give you some new ideas for the kid’s lunches.  Mum used to make the Mock Chicken Filling for our sandwiches and also for afternoon teas with her friends.  I remember it as tasting quite nice.

CHRISTMAS LEFTOVERS – Ham and Egg Breakfast with a Difference

After all the Christmas cooking it’s great to have some easy recipes to use up all the lovely leftovers. This is another from the Herald Sun cooking page ‘Second time around’ and jazzes up plain ham and eggs.

CHRISTMAS LEFTOVERS – Mushroom and Ham Toasts

This week’s recipes come from a Herald Sun cooking page with the title ‘Second time around’.  After all the Christmas cooking it’s great to have leftovers, but you do start to run out of ideas on how to serve them.  These toasts can be made using ham, turkey or chicken and that makes them a winner.


Don’t think I’ve every seen a sausage quiche recipe before.  Haven’t tried it, but it looks OK and as long as your sausages are gluten free it could be a bit of a change from  plain fried sausage and egg for those who are gluten intolerant.