You can probably see that this recipe was one Mum saved from the label on a tin of sweetened condensed milk.  I thought slices and biscuits using sweetened condensed milk had gone out of fashion, but maybe not, as during this Covid crisis it’s been one of the items that’s been hard to get at my supermarket.  Maybe that’s because, like this recipe,  slices and biscuits using it are usually fairly quick and easy to make.  Great for baking and eating while stuck at home…………


During this enforced lockdown our amazing 9 year old granddaughter has been cooking up a storm.  This week she cooked a three course meal for all of us (the four in her household, plus three visitors) which was delicious.  So when I saw this old marshmallow slice recipe that Mum kept from her bowling club, I thought it might be something she’d like to make, especially as the ingredients are everyday things that will be in the pantry.   I hope she makes it and keeps a piece for us.


When this cheesecake slice with cinnamon, orange and sultana filling was published in the Woman’s Day it was described as ‘mouth-watering’ and they said that it would ‘really impress your family and friends’.   It looks fairly easy to make and should transport well, so they might be right and it would just thing to take when you’re asked to ‘bring something sweet’ to a gathering.