When this cheesecake slice with cinnamon, orange and sultana filling was published in the Woman’s Day it was described as ‘mouth-watering’ and they said that it would ‘really impress your family and friends’.   It looks fairly easy to make and should transport well, so they might be right and it would just thing to take when you’re asked to ‘bring something sweet’ to a gathering.


Back in the 60s using sweetened condensed milk and cereals to make slices and biscuits was quite the thing to do, so this caramel topped cornflake slice was not unusual.  It might be a bit old fashioned now, but it’s still cheap and easy to make and tastes pretty good.  2oz butter = 60g.


I usually make shortbread, apricot balls and a couple of different types of rum balls to celebrate the festive season, so this recipe for Plum Pudding Truffles caught my eye.  Not sure I’ve got the time to make them this year, but they do sound pretty good, maybe next year.