Recipe four in Scone Week is an Australian classic.  Lady Flo was a politician in her own right and wife of Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen.  He was a controversial leader, but she was a Senator for 12 years who fought for women’s rights and recognition and at the same time didn’t see anything wrong with a politician who could bake pumpkin scones.  She published a cookbook and is still going strong at 96 – one of Mum’s generation.

BASIC PLAIN SCONES with Cheese, Pumpkin and Savoury variations

Taking my lead from the Great British Bake Off I feel I have to say –  “It’s Scone Week” as I’m going to post five different scone recipes.  Mum was a great scone maker so I wasn’t surprised to find this many recipes in her collection.  This first one is the basic mix and then Cheese, Pumpkin and Savoury variations.


As you can see this recipe is from the Keysborough Bowls Social Club Simple Slice Recipe book.  I’ve never made it, but I can remember seeing it on the table at a few “bring a plate” events back in the 70s when my kids were little.  It’s sort of a fake vanilla slice – the plate was always empty at the end of the event it must taste good.