This is another recipe from the Women’s Week Let’s Go Greek supplement.  It uses fillo pastry, but you could change that to shortcrust or puff if you wanted to.  The fillo would be lighter, but the others would still make a good pie.



Seafood at Christmas and Easter has always been expensive not that it’s something Mum would have bought then or any other time.  Dad was a very enthusiastic fisherman so we mainly had fish that he’s caught or tinned fish. Tuna Mornay was a family favourite, completely out of fashion these days of course, but still a tasty meal – if you like tinned tuna or salmon that is.


I love Beef Wellington, but it’s a tricky thing to make so I usually leave it to the experts.  This Salmon Wellington looks a lot easier and although the recipe uses tinned Red Salmon I don’t see why a nice piece of fresh salmon couldn’t be substituted.

Salmon Wellington


I’m not sure who wrote this recipe down for Mum, as it’s not in her handwriting, but a recipe for these crispy ham patties was certainly worth writing down.  Although the ham quantity converts to 125g, I doubt that extra would go astray.  You could probably leave the sherry out though.

Golden Ham Crisps