A couple of years ago my youngest son had a great holiday in Tasmania and came back with several bottles of a new cider he’d discovered – Pagan Cider.  Since then we always have a few bottles in the fridge, one of which I’m now going to use to try this chicken recipe – guess I’d better make it when he’s coming for dinner.



To be honest I’m not a lover of duck, but I know I’m in the minority.  This 70s recipe comes from a booklet put out by the Australian Wine Board titled ‘Bacchus in the Kitchen’, which paired dishes with wines.  The suggestion for this recipe is to serve it with a dry red.


Large filled Vol-au-Vent cases just screams 1970s entree to me.  Of course the smaller version were served before dinner or at parties with drinks, but the larger ones filled with chicken or fish mornay were a popular first course.  The good thing about this recipe is that you can dispense with the cases and just make the chicken filling, if you use a rotisserie chicken and serve it with rice it should taste great.


This is an early version of homemade Chinese chicken and almonds, before woks were a common household utensil, before you could buy a chicken already cooked from the supermarket and before you could buy cooked rice from the freezer or shelf. A great example of how things have changed in the last 40+ years.


It’s mango season and they are finally ripe, tasty and affordable here in Melbourne, so I thought it was good timing to add this recipe.  I know not everyone likes the combination of fruit with meat or poultry, but the mustard, port and spring onions make it sound quite appealing.