A fabulous flavour of Greece or so the Women’s Weekly said in it’s Let’s Go Greek supplement back in 1992.  Don’t think anyone would disagree with that statement.  Always a favourite at a Greek restaurant, but by the look of this recipe pretty easy to make at home as well.



Wish I’d found this recipe before my daughter and I worked out the savories to serve at my husband’s recent 70th birthday party.  She ended up making some wonderful treats, but these might have been an easy addition.

1980s PARTY FINGER FOOD – Pate, Spicy Chicken Wings, Meat Balls, Lemony Almond Scallops, Prunes and Bacon, Cheese and Salami Savouries

With Mum’s 100th birthday only a couple of months away I’ve started to look for party recipes.  I found these microwave recipes which were published by The Sun in March 1986 around the time everyone was buying a microwave, but still not quite sure what to do with it.  I’m not sure I’d use my microwave to cook them today though, as I think we’ve now figured out what works and what doesn’t in it.


Tomato sauce and cheese on toast has been a well loved favourite in Mum’s and my households for years.  Mum also used to make a little afternoon tea/supper snack that was cheese and bacon on toast, but this recipe combines them both.  Personally I’m not sure about the garlic, but after finding this recipe I’m now going to give the sauce, cheese and bacon a go.