Not everyone likes pumpkin, but it’s actually a fairly versatile vegetable.  Growing up most of our mothers only served it boiled or roasted.  I now like it mashed or in curries and casseroles too.  Haven’t tried this version, but I’m going to as I think the creamy cheezee sauce sounds great.


This creamy chicken salad has a light curry flavour and is especially good made with a barbecued chicken.  I’m not sure that I’d serve it on a fruit platter, as we’re not all that keen on fruit with meat.  I’d serve it in a salad bowl with a green salad accompaniment and maybe throw in a handful of toasted almonds, but however you serve it it makes a change from plain old cold chicken.


You can tell this is an old recipe as it gives directions to soak the chickpeas overnight.  Of course you can still do that, but it’s much easier now to just buy tinned chickpeas.  It makes the recipe a lot quicker and easier to make as you can cut out the first couple of steps and go straight to frying the onions, garlic and pepper.


It used to be quite hard to find recipes that catered easily for vegetarian guests, luckily that’s no longer the case.  Years ago I remember searching for an interesting dish to serve my son’s girlfriend for a Christmas lunch dominated by roast pork and turkey.  The answer I finally came up with was a stuffed eggplant, don’t think it was quite as spicy as this recipe though.  Fortunately she seemed to enjoy it.