Vegetarian recipes weren’t something Mum would have been looking for on the pages of the Herald Sun.  Growing up I can’t remember anyone among our family or friends who didn’t eat meat, so cooking vegetable only dishes just wasn’t necessary.  This recipe is on a page Mum kept from the paper that had pork, lamb, sausage and fish casseroles on it, so the recipes were around, they just weren’t something Mum made.



I’m going to make Cauliflower with White Sauce and Cheese, as it’s always been called in our family, to go with Christmas lunch as usual. So I was pleased to find this recipe showing the proper way to make it.   It’s something I make quite a lot, passed down from Mum of course.  I’ve never had a recipe for it and I was surprised just how much my version has evolved from this 1970s one.  I microwave the cauliflower, make a fairly thick white sauce in the microwave, pour it over the cauliflower and then top the whole lot with lots of cheese.  Sometimes I even add broccoli – not traditional maybe, but it’s quick, easy and tastes great.



I love it when asparagus comes back into season each Spring and enjoy eating it as a vegetable, in salads and in stir fries, but I think served like this it would make a terrific first course.  Mum and Dad both loved asparagus so I can see why Mum cut this recipe from the Herald Sun.  The leek version sound good as well. Neither of Mum or Dad were wine drinkers though and I doubt they’d ever head of the matched Chateau Tahbilk Marsanne wine.  I guess if you could get a bottle of the 1999 vintage for $13 now you’d be doing very well.