Sausages have always been one of Mum’s favourite things and onion gravy makes them so much better.  At age 98 she still loves them. I don’t think she ever used a  recipe, but this one comes pretty close to how she made them, although I’m pretty sure she cooked the sausages in dripping not butter.



I love Beef Wellington, but it’s a tricky thing to make so I usually leave it to the experts.  This Salmon Wellington looks a lot easier and although the recipe uses tinned Red Salmon I don’t see why a nice piece of fresh salmon couldn’t be substituted.

Salmon Wellington


It’s winter and what could be better for a family meal than an old style lamb casserole.  This one needs very little preparation, just trim the chops, coat them in flour, chop up an onion put the lot in a casserole dish and cover with the combined flavorings. Put the dish in the oven and forget it for 2 hours while you get on with all the other things you need to do after a long day at work.

Casseroled Lamb Chops


We’re just back from a terrific holiday in Europe.  We ate lots of great meals in Italy, France and England, but as always it’s good to be home – back to the land of affordable lamb and beef.  This is my favourite Lamb Roast recipe, I wrote it down for Mum years ago.  As you can see it’s a bit sketchy, there’s no quantities you just put as much onion and potato in the baking dish as you need.

Lamb Roast


Fry onions in butter or margarine.  Tip into the bottom of a baking pan and cover with sliced potatoes.  Pour over beef stock until not quite covered.  Generously rub salt and pepper into a leg of lamb.   Put the lamb on a rack over the onion & potato mix and bake at 180o.  Cooking time depends on the size of the leg of lamb, but it needs a bit extra time to crisp up the onion & potato.