It’s back-to-school next week for schools here in Victoria so I thought these Vegemite Muffins might be something for their lunchboxes.  I’d probably leave the green capsicum out as not all kids like the green stuff, but the vegemite and cheese combination should win them over.



I don’t know if you want to serve this as a dessert or just eat it yourself.  It can be made up to a week ahead and the caramel sauce frozen until you want it.  Ymmmmmmmm.


Some years ago we were spending Christmas at a holiday house on the NSW south coast and our son decided to bring his girlfriend.  That was no problem until it came to cooking Christmas lunch – she was a vegetarian……….  Vegetarian Christmas recipes were few and far between in those days and I ended up serving her a stuffed eggplant.  I just wish I’d found this recipe as it’s much more colorful and I suspect she would have enjoyed it more.  Especially as the power went out due to a bushfire in the area and we ended up cooking the entire meal on the bbq – it was a very Australian Christmas.


Mum and Dad both loved ice cream, so Mum made a lots of varieties.  She added cherry ripe bars and nuts, chocolate mint bars and a lot flavours to plain ice cream, but I don’t think she ever made this super chocolate one.  Chocolate ice cream, mars bars, milk choc bits, white choc bits and dark chocolate – a chocolate lover’s dream I think.