The blurb that goes with this New Idea soup recipe says “A lovely soup which can be served hot in the winter months or chilled in the summer”.  Personally I don’t think soup should ever be eaten cold, I like it steaming hot, but, I’m willing to accept that it might be to some people’s taste.  Either way it’s an unusual way to cook cucumbers…………..



I know tinned pineapple isn’t very popular these days, but back in the 70s it seemed to appear in lots of sweet and savoury dishes.  In going through Mum’s collection I’ve discarded many of them as I just don’t think anyone would want to make them now.  This one seemed to be a bit of an exception mainly, I think, as the berries add a tartness into the mix and that would counteract some of the sweetness of the pineapple, which in my opinion is the main problem with with tinned pineapple. (The biro underlining is Mum’s so she must have thought it would taste OK.)



As you can see the full title of this recipe from the Australian Meat and Live-Stock Corporation is ’24 minute Speedy Mexican Lamb’, a bit long I thought so I’ve shortened it.  The good thing is that it’s quick to make. I think the recipe card was put out by the Corporation in the late 1980s, whenever it was, Mum and I both seem to have collected quite  a few from our butchers’ counters.


Finding cake recipes that are gluten free is easier in 2019 than it was back in the 1980s, so this fruit loaf was probably very unusual and a joy to find back then.  It has the added bonus that it keeps for 2 months and can be frozen – although it wouldn’t be cheap to make. Then what gluten free product is cheap?


Instead of making the pastry case as described in this recipe you could make it as a regular pie or flan.  You could even make it without pastry at all by just lightly greasing a pie plate and covering it with fine, dried breadcrumbs before adding the filling.  Whichever way you make it the Mediterranean flavors make it a great lunch dish.