A true Rum Baba is made with yeast, so this version is much more of a cake, but either way it’s the lovely orange and rum syrup poured over it that makes it so good.  Served with cream it makes a great dessert.



I’m not sure why this has “For Kids” on the tag, why should just the kids have them?  Maybe it’s the suggestion that you add green food colouring into the peppermint flavoured cream, personally think I’d leave it out…………


This one is out of my recipe collection, although I suspect it’s a recipe that Mum gave to me.  As you can see I typed it up and stuck it in my book with cellotape, which now makes it a bit hard to read. If you’re having trouble it’s simply:  1 cup cold tea, 1 cup raisins, 1 cup caster sugar.  Soak for 1 hour.  Add 2 cups Self Raising Flour, beat well cook for 1 hour in mod oven – 180oC.  When it’s cool you slice and butter it – quick and tasty.