According to the Herald Sun Checkout column, where this recipe appeared in June 1993, ‘Kish Mish is a sensational concoction of dried fruits and spices – it can stand alone as a dessert served with cream, but for winter you can serve it as a cascade over steamed pudding’.  I think the thing that makes it a bit different is the addition of apple with the dried fruit, it would be really fruity and moist.


It’s a bit unusual to have a fruit base, then a crumble layer (instead of the reverse) and then top it all with meringue as this dessert recipe does.  I’m guessing the idea is that the crumble would absorb a little of the moisture from the fruit.  Whether that’s the case or not, with these ingredients it should taste OK.


This is a microwave dried fruit salad recipe published by Sunbeam Dried Fruits back in the ’90s I think.  Perhaps not quite so useful now that strawberries, blueberries, etc are available all year round, but nice to have to pour over ice cream or serve with cream or yoghurt as suggested.