When I was growing up everyone had a lemon tree in their backyard. No one would have thought of having a lime tree, but like many people we now have one as well as the lemon in ours. Hopefully we’ll have enough of a crop this year to be able to make this luscious dessert.


Every time I eat passionfruit it reminds me of when I was young. Growing up our back fence was covered in a passionfruit vine. In spring the vine was covered in beautiful flowers and in summer luscious fruit. My brothers and I used to pick them, eat them and then to hide our sin, throw the skins as far as we could onto the garage roof – not something our father was very happy about. Luckily there was still heaps for Mum to pick and to use to top sponges with, put in fruit salad and to make this passionfruit butter. Note: 8oz = 250g, 4oz = 125g


We’re still a few months off luscious ripe peaches or nectarines being in season, but I think you could substitute tinned peaches in this recipe if you want to make it now.  Tinned peaches mightn’t be quite as good, but I think you’d still end up with a pretty good tiramisu dessert.



Lemon Meringue Pie is my husband’s favourite dessert, but made the traditional way it’s a lot of work and so I rarely make it for him.  This recipe is full of shortcuts – a biscuit base, instead of homemade pastry  and sweetened condensed milk/egg/lemon juice filling, instead of a lemon curd filling.  I confess I haven’t made it, but I think I’ll give it a try and see if it meets with his approval.


Years ago I used to make a dessert called Impossible Pie, like this it was a recipe that you mixed everything together and as it cooked the heavier ingredients formed a crust and the top was soft.  It tasted quite good, but wish I’d had this recipe as the addition of lemon would have made it even better.