I always thought this soup was made with pasta, but obviously I was completely wrong.  Mum seems to have cut this from her bowls magazine back in the 80s, the reverse side has bowling results and an In Remembrance list of members who’d passed away.  Maybe like Mum they live on through their recipes too.


For me one of the best things about winter is homemade soup.  In the old days Mum’s soups started with ham, chicken, lamb or whatever bones she bought at the butcher’s that week. She’d add vegetables and then cover the lot with cold water, bring it to the boil and cook it for a few hours. The next step was to allow the soup to cool so that the fat from the bones could solidify and it was then carefully taken off. The resulting soup was worth all that effort, but modern recipes like this one make the job a whole lot easier.

Mushroom  & Bacon soup


I think this was one of the first dinner party dishes I made after I got married.   It was quite modern then with the wine, garlic, oregano and peppers and tasted great.  I’m not sure where I got the recipe from, but I can see from the typing  that I typed it up on a manual typewriter, probably at work, and here I am posting it on the internet – how the world has changed!!!!  It served me well all those years ago, but I haven’t made it for awhile.  Perhaps it’s time to give it another go.

Chicken & Mushroom Saute