This another one of those 70s Copha slices.  I think they were popular because they didn’t need baking, made a large quantity and were quick and easy to make.  All pretty good reasons when you think about it.



This recipe is another one from the Pampas Pastry Finger Food Recipe sheets.  I’ve just checked to see if Pampas still make sweet tart cases and apparently they do – I just haven’t seen them around lately.  If you can’t buy them you could make your own using pastry sheets.



I don’t remember Mum making lots and lots of biscuits, but she did make quite a few slices in her time.  Unbaked ones like this one were always a favourite, especially in summer when using the oven heated up the kitchen too much.  These days with air conditioners that isn’t so much of a problem, but unbaked slices are still a quite a good way to make a sweet treat.


Coconut Rough Slice


Copha seems to have gone out of favour in recent years, but around the 1970s it was used a lot for no-bake slices and especially for sweets. This recipe was published by The Australian Women’s Weekly in 1994, it’s a little more modern with White Melts and Mallow Bakes, but it’s still quick and easy to make.  Great for adults and children alike.

Rocky Road


Dad was a great ice cream lover, so Mum always had some in the freezer. In the early days it was all homemade, but along with everyone else Mum changed to bought ice cream when it became readily available and her fridge freezer grew larger. While Dad liked his plain, Mum made this Rocky Road version and another one with Cherry Ripe bars in it. I think she mainly made it for the grandkids, but the big kids ate it too.

Rocky Raod Ice Cream cropped