Mum saved this recipe from her bowling magazine, which published the same sort of down to earth recipes as the old PWMU Cookbooks that every woman had copy of back when I was growing up and every young cook, as I was back in the 1970s, was given.   The cookbook was a fund raiser for the Presbyterian Womens Missionary Union and was full of recipes and useful hints.  Along with everything else cookbooks have changed a lot since those days, but I still sometimes hunt through my copy for a good chutney or jam recipe.


After watching Mum entertain family and friends for years and years I guess I’ve picked up a lot of her habits.  One of the things she always like to do was to have everything prepared before people arrived and I’ve followed in her footsteps particularly with desserts. That’s one of the reasons that this recipe appeals to me.  It can be made the day before and then just taken out of the fridge when you need it – marvellous.



This dessert recipe from the New Idea is an interesting take on the old chocolate ripe cake from the ’60s.  Not sure you’d get away with it only costing $3.50 to make these days, but it would still be an economical dessert for 6 people.



I like the combination of ingredients in this slice recipe.  Caramels, chocolate, peanuts and rice bubbles sound like they’d go well together.  If you were worried about adding in the peanuts it would be quite easy to double up the chocolate, can’t see why that would be any sort of problem.

Quick Choc Caramel Slice Compile


On a cold winter’s night Mum often made a steamed pudding for dessert.  It was an quick, economical dessert for a family of five.  I think it also worked well for Mum as you could put it on to cook mid-afternoon and not have to make it during the tea time rush.  This recipe she cut out from the Herald Sun is great because it gives lots of variations of the basic mixture.

Steamed pudding - six ways