This recipe from the Women’s Weekly looks luscious.  I’m always looking for recipes that you can make the day before an event, it just makes the workload on the day itself that much easier.  I think this one would be a good one to try.



This is another of those slice recipes that Mum’s bowls club gathered together for their Simple Slices Recipes fund raiser booklet.  Those ladies certainly had a great collection of recipes and enjoyed sharing them for the club.


Mum saved this recipe from her bowling magazine, which published the same sort of down to earth recipes as the old PWMU Cookbooks that every woman had copy of back when I was growing up and every young cook, as I was back in the 1970s, was given.   The cookbook was a fund raiser for the Presbyterian Womens Missionary Union and was full of recipes and useful hints.  Along with everything else cookbooks have changed a lot since those days, but I still sometimes hunt through my copy for a good chutney or jam recipe.


This is the twin of Brandy Alexander Pie both very much desserts of the 70s.  They have basically the same ingredients, but this one has creme de menthe instead of brandy.  Mum cut both recipes out, probably because I’d told her about making them for dinner parties for our friends.  I haven’t heard of anyone making them for a long, long time now though………………..

Grasshopper Pie 1