I haven’t seen this Italian dessert on a menu for a long time or for that matter made it myself for years.  It was one of our go-to dinner party recipes back in the 80s.  Maybe it’s time it made a comeback.



A true Rum Baba is made with yeast, so this version is much more of a cake, but either way it’s the lovely orange and rum syrup poured over it that makes it so good.  Served with cream it makes a great dessert.


I’ve included this recipe because it brings back a lot of memories. Gem scones are a cross between a scone and a muffin, but sadly impossible to cook unless you have a gem iron, which I don’t think you can buy these days.  My cast iron gem iron was made for me by a friend of Mum & Dad’s, when he made one for Mum.  The secret of cooking them is to get the iron super hot so that the mixture sizzles when you drop it in.  They taste great and finding this recipe now makes me want to cook a batch again.