This recipe is from a Women’s Weekly Let’s Go Greek supplement.  I tend to think of kebabs as mainly being cooked on the barbeque, but this recipe cooks them in a pan and then the oven with the marinade poured over at the end.  It makes them an all year round feast, not just for summer barbeques.



I think this recipe deserves a photo as the jelly topping would look and taste really good.  It’s another one from Mum’s bowls club slices recipe book, which sadly has no photos at all.  The book would have been put together well before computers and Photoshop.  It would have been typed and the cover would have had to have been done at the printers – the good old days……


I haven’t made this Lemon and Blueberry Tart yet as I’ve only just found the recipe in Mum’s collection.  It looks great though and pretty easy to make.  Because it uses frozen blueberries you can make it all year round, so I think I’ll try it out for our next family get together.

Lemon & Blueberry Tart



Dad was the gardener in our family.  He grew tomatoes, beans, silverbeet and rhubarb in his vegie plot.  There was a passionfruit vine on the back fence and, of course, a lemon tree in the corner.  I think every Melbourne family had and probably still has a lemon tree in their backyard.  Easy to grow and if the position is right lemons in abundance.  As a result Mum made the most of it and used lemons where ever she could.  This self saucing pudding was one of her yummy ways of using some of the crop.

Lemon Self Sauce Pudding