This recipe comes out of a Woman’s Weekly  pullout called Pies without Pastry.  When I first saw the title I thought the filling was rhubarb and butternut pumpkin which sounded very strange.  On reading the recipe I was relieved to discover the butternut was actually butternut biscuits crushed to make the base.  When you top that with the filling of rhubarb and apples and the crust of coconut and brown sugar you end up with a great tasting pie.



While rhubarb is not popular in my household it was in Mum’s.  She made a lot of relishes and chutneys with the produce from Dad’s garden, although I’m not sure she made this one.  Personally I think making relishes and chutneys is much easier than jams as they don’t need to set.  As long as you cook them until they’re thick they work really well.



My husband would say that nothing you can add to rhubarb could make it taste any better, but Mum and Dad enjoyed a bowl of stewed rhubarb with custard or ice cream and she must have thought this recipe would be a nice change.  Obviously she couldn’t find the scissors to cut it out, I think it’s just lucky she didn’t rip through through more of it.