I almost didn’t post this recipe because Vitari is no longer made by Nestle.  I changed my mind though on googling it and deciding you could use Weis Sorbet instead or at a push a good ice cream.  It looks so tasty in the picture I thought it was worth doing.


This dessert recipe from the New Idea is an interesting take on the old chocolate ripe cake from the ’60s.  Not sure you’d get away with it only costing $3.50 to make these days, but it would still be an economical dessert for 6 people.



It’s that time of year again when schools, kindergartens and child care centers are having their end of year activities which from my experience always means that parents have to take along a plate of food.  Strangely, good wholesome things don’t seem to be that popular, but something like this chocolate and marshmallow slice should be a hit with the kids.

Choc-mallow Fudge compile


I was quite excited to find this original Chocolate Ripple Cake recipe in Mum’s collection. The Chocolate Ripple Cake was a party favourite in our household from around the 1960s and was always a crowd pleaser. The only change to this original recipe for today’s cooks is to convert the ½ pint of cream to 500ml. I did recently make a more modern version by laying the biscuits down in a cake tin and building up the layering, then I topped it with fresh fruit. It turned it into a cake instead of a slice, but either way you make it, it still tastes delicious.

Choc Ripple Cake cropped