To be honest I can’t imagine why Mum would have cut out and saved this recipe.  I doubt she’s ever tasted bourbon in her life and while she likes a glass of sherry or white wine, I’ve never seen her drink either brandy, cognac or whisky.  She does like and often used to make the old style bread and butter pudding, maybe she thought one day she’d go wild…..

New Orleans Bread Pudding with Bourbon


Here’s another of Mum’s pinned together recipes.  If I’d realised that there was a cellotape shortage in her kitchen I would have donated a couple of rolls to her bottom drawer.  I guess at least the pins kept the recipes together and saved pieces getting lost.  If that had happened we’d never have had this Chocolate Cheese Brownie recipe to enjoy.

Chocolate Cheese Brownies


It’s that time of year again when schools, kindergartens and child care centers are having their end of year activities which from my experience always means that parents have to take along a plate of food.  Strangely, good wholesome things don’t seem to be that popular, but something like this chocolate and marshmallow slice should be a hit with the kids.

Choc-mallow Fudge compile