Although the sun might be shinning and it’s not quite picnic season yet, I couldn’t resist adding this recipe to the collection.  Of course you could have it hot for lunch or an evening meal with vegetables, but cold with a few slices of fresh bread and a little chutney………..yum.



I know why Mum cut this recipe out and saved it, she really liked cauliflower.  Some people might think cauliflower is a bit bland, but it’s really very versatile.  It’s great topped with a white sauce and cheese, soaks up curry sauces deliciously, you can roast it with a little oil and of course just boil it.  This is the first time I’ve seen it used in a recipe like this, but I think it should taste quite good this way.

Chicken cauliflower & bacon gratin


I like the little note that Mum’s written on the top of this cutting – Like a Quiche – which suggests she either made it herself or it was made by someone else and she liked it.  It does seem to have a strange combination of ingredients, especially the cabbage, but it could be worth a try.

Rice and Chicken Cake