I’ve made lots and lots of sweet cheesecakes over the years, but I’m yet to make a savoury one.  This chicken one looks good though, so watch out family I’m going to give it a go next time you all come around.

Cheesy Chicken Cheesecake



Wish I’d found this recipe before my daughter and I worked out the savories to serve at my husband’s recent 70th birthday party.  She ended up making some wonderful treats, but these might have been an easy addition.


I’m usually not a fan of cheesecake style desserts that use gelatine as a setting agent, but in this case I think the chocolate and cherries add good strong flavours and should make it taste really good.  I also like the idea of using Gaiety biscuits for the base.


As you can see this recipe is from the Keysborough Bowls Social Club Simple Slice Recipe book.  I’ve never made it, but I can remember seeing it on the table at a few “bring a plate” events back in the 70s when my kids were little.  It’s sort of a fake vanilla slice – the plate was always empty at the end of the event it must taste good.


Like Mum I have a pretty large collection of cheesecake recipes, but this is the first one I’ve come across that uses Italian Macaroons as a base and pears as a topping.  You could use fresh pears in place of the canned ones if you wanted to, but I think you’d need to poach them first to soften them.

UNBAKED CHEESECAKES – Coffee and Rum, Cappuccino

Among Mum’s recipe cutouts I found an article on Cheesecakes.  It has four different types of bases, unbaked cheesecake recipes and a basic baked cheesecake with several variations.  I’ve divided the article up and this is the unbaked cheesecake using ricotta cheese. I’ve also add a recipe from a Nestles leaflet which uses cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk, which is a bit different.  I must admit I prefer a baked cheesecake, but an unbaked or refrigerator one is quicker to make and can taste just as good.