This is another one for rhubarb lovers.  I don’t see why you couldn’t use store bought custard instead of making your own.  Homemade custard tastes creamier, but if you don’t have the time or the inclination, use the bought ……….



I was looking for a nice warming winter dessert when I found this recipe.  It’s probably best served cold, but it might work warm or at least not straight out of the fridge.


At the retirement village where Mum now lives they hold an Anzac Day ceremony every year. The residents plan and conduct the service themselves and it is very moving to see men and women who lived through the war years gather to commemorate the day. Morning tea is served after the ceremony and along with tea and coffee are plates of Anzac biscuits baked by the residents. I always thought that all Anzac biscuits were the same, but have now learned that everyone has their own way of baking them. I found this clipping in Mum’s collection and I like the extra instructions for Chewy Anzacs at the bottom – you can tell by the stains that this is a recipe well used by Mum.

Anzac Biscuits