Mum chopped this recipe off the back of a packet of Sunrice.  The packet has a use by date of 15 Apr 2005 so it’s a fairly recent recipe as far as her collection goes.  The tomato pasta sauce also gives it’s age away.


Seafood at Christmas and Easter has always been expensive not that it’s something Mum would have bought then or any other time.  Dad was a very enthusiastic fisherman so we mainly had fish that he’s caught or tinned fish. Tuna Mornay was a family favourite, completely out of fashion these days of course, but still a tasty meal – if you like tinned tuna or salmon that is.


What is the difference between a chicken risotto and just chicken and rice?  Is risotto just a modern and must more difficult way to cook a rice dish?  I don’t know the answer, but when you see an old recipe like this which is quick and easy it does make me wonder.

Chicken Risotto