This recipe reminds me of the Sunday night teas that Mum used to make.  They were always something quick and easy to make that could be eaten with a fork while watching TV, that new fangled miracle that came into our lives after the 1956 Melbourne Olympic games.


I’ve already posted a few recipes that use chicken and ham, but they go together so well and the combination is so well liked by everyone I just can resist adding this one to the collection.  I think using a bought cooked chook (such a great Aussie word for chicken)  would add lots of flavour and make this bake really easy.

Chicken & Ham Bake


Looking through Mum’s recipes I found a few versions of a Chicken & Ham Casserole/Bake.   I was going to use one of them here, but really the one I make is so good and very much loved by my family, especially my son, I thought I should use it instead.  I’m not sure where I got the recipe from and I have adapted it slightly over the years.  I don’t joint the chicken I pull the cooked chicken off the bone as you can see I make it without the paprika and I leave the parsley off.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  (for the measurements ½ lb = 250g)

Ham & Chicken Casserole


I’m not sure who wrote this recipe down for Mum, as it’s not in her handwriting, but a recipe for these crispy ham patties was certainly worth writing down.  Although the ham quantity converts to 125g, I doubt that extra would go astray.  You could probably leave the sherry out though.

Golden Ham Crisps