I can hardly boast that this is an old Irish recipe passed down through the family, because Mum doesn’t have any Irish ancestors.  Even so, I like the sound of these baked instead of fried potato cakes.  I started off thinking that they would be little less fattening until I came to the last part about splitting them in two and spreading them with butter….   Despite that or maybe because of it – they sound great.

Irish Potato Cakes



By the yellowing of this newspaper clipping Mum cut it out of the Herald Sun quite a long while ago, but meatloaves never go out of fashion.  The article talks about how good cold a meatloaf is and how good it is for picnics and sandwiches, but hot meatloaf with roast potatoes and gravy is really very hard to beat.  Great hot for dinner and great next day for sandwiches – as the article says, it’s very versatile.

Meatloaves x 3