This is another no bake slice from the Keysborough Bowls Social Club Simple Slice Recipes cookbook.  Cochineal is just red food colouring and a few drops will give this slice a nice cherry pink colour, just like a Cherry Ripe bar.



This little recipe book compiled by the Keysborough Bowls Social Club is overflowing with great slice ideas so I’ve decided to try to post a recipe each week.

I’ve made this slice many times myself, but I have it in my collection as Wanganui Slice. I’ve always thought that it was named after the New Zealand town of Whanganui.  Whatever the name, it tastes good, although it is rather on the sweet side.

Simple Slice Recipes - Wangnoo Slice


I like the combination of ingredients in this slice recipe.  Caramels, chocolate, peanuts and rice bubbles sound like they’d go well together.  If you were worried about adding in the peanuts it would be quite easy to double up the chocolate, can’t see why that would be any sort of problem.

Quick Choc Caramel Slice Compile