This recipe was published by the Women’s Weekly in August 1992.  Veal was more popular back then and wasn’t as expensive as it is now.  I make a similar roast using beef so I think you could substitute beef or even lamb as the main meat and you change the minced veal as well.



Neither Mum or Dad were beer drinkers, but there was usually a bottle in the fridge for visitors, sometimes it would sit there for a bit too long and not be fresh enough to serve.  So this recipe was great for using up the odd ‘stale’ bottle.  It makes a very hearty winter casserole.

Beef 'n' Beer


Like most Australian families when we were growing up Mum cooked a roast once a week. As there were five of us in the family it was usually a large piece of meat and there was always some left over for school lunches or to have cold with a salad. Another way Mum would use it up was to make Meat Fritters. This recipe has the meat being minced, but Mum just used to slice it and coat the pieces in the batter before frying. And of course we always had tomato sauce with it.

Meat Fritters Cropped


Casseroles have always been a family favourite for us. Great as a family meal in winter, but also really usefully when entertaining a crowd. This Beef Casserole recipe which Mum collected from Entice magazine takes a basic dish and shows that by changing just a few ingredients you can create a different taste treat.

Master Beef Casserole cropped