They say the older you get the more like your mother you become and I found that out this week. My good friend Deb and I were discussing the Christmas cakes we’d just made and hers sounded very unusual.  Unusual, because it’s the first time I’ve heard of the fruit being soaked overnight in strong coffee and then a block of chocolate added – no sugar, no butter – she assures me it tastes great. So like Mum, I had to ask ‘can I please have the recipe’.  She got recipe from a co-volunteer at the local Op. Shop who makes it all the time and so the cycle continues…………………..debs-christmas-cake-compile


I don’t remember Mum making these, but she used to  make sweet corn patties which were always one of my favourites.  For those she used sweet corn kernels, for these pancakes you use creamed corn so you’d get a smoother mixture.  I think I’ll give them a try, they sound good.  Convert -10oz can to 310g size.