The frozen Christmas pudding I usually make has an ice cream base. This one is a little bit different, it still has decadent brandy soaked fruit, but also has lashings of cream, some white chocolate and meringue. I’ve already made a boiled pudding for this year, but think I might give this one a go next year.


The easy way to make a Frozen Christmas Pudding is just to soak fruit in brandy and stir it through softened bought ice cream and then re-freeze it.  While this recipe does use bought ice cream it takes the frozen pudding concept a bit further by separating the three colors in  neopolitan ice cream adding cake and Marsala soaked fruit which turns it into a Cassata  Christmas Pudding.  Now I’ve found it in Mum’s collection I’m thinking of making it myself this Christmas.

Frozen Cassata Christmas Pudding 4 compile