As well as not making a traditional Christmas Cake this year, I’m also not going to make a traditional boiled Christmas Pudding. I’ve decided to make a frozen one. I thought I’d make one I’ve made a few times before, but then I found this recipe and now might change my mind. It can be made as late as Christmas Eve and although it says to freeze it in a lamington tray, I sure if you put it in a bowl lined with plastic wrap when you turn it out – bingo you’ve got a Christmas pudding. You could even cover it in chocolate and decorations if you wanted to.


The frozen Christmas pudding I usually make has an ice cream base. This one is a little bit different, it still has decadent brandy soaked fruit, but also has lashings of cream, some white chocolate and meringue. I’ve already made a boiled pudding for this year, but think I might give this one a go next year.