Every time I pick my granddaughters up from school and take their lunch boxes out their school bags I’m astonished at how magnificent lunchboxes are these days.  When I was at school my lunch was a sandwich wrapped in lunch wrap and piece of fruit which Mum into a brown paper bag.  Unsurprisingly squashed sandwiches and squashed fruit were often the result.  Mum was also inventive with sandwich fillings, banana and sultanas, vegemite and celery, cheese and beetroot and sometimes a homemade cheese spread.  Not sure that this is the recipe she used as she wouldn’t have put sherry in her kids sandwiches, but it might be tasty for bigger kids lunches at work or uni or as a dip.


By the look of this cutting Mum cut it out of a magazine quite a while ago.  I don’t remember her making them, but they look great and are something a little bit different to serve with drinks.  I usually make little cheese biscuits or pita bread crisps, but I think these look good and I’m going to try them next time.

Cheese Yummies