CHRISTMAS LEFTOVERS – Ham and Egg Breakfast with a Difference

After all the Christmas cooking it’s great to have some easy recipes to use up all the lovely leftovers. This is another from the Herald Sun cooking page ‘Second time around’ and jazzes up plain ham and eggs.

CHRISTMAS LEFTOVERS – Mushroom and Ham Toasts

This week’s recipes come from a Herald Sun cooking page with the title ‘Second time around’.  After all the Christmas cooking it’s great to have leftovers, but you do start to run out of ideas on how to serve them.  These toasts can be made using ham, turkey or chicken and that makes them a winner.


Don’t think I’ve every seen a sausage quiche recipe before.  Haven’t tried it, but it looks OK and as long as your sausages are gluten free it could be a bit of a change from  plain fried sausage and egg for those who are gluten intolerant.


This 1991 recipe published in the Checkout column of the Herald Sun is a bit of a mixture of the old and the new.  Brown rice was only just starting to become popular around that time, but the old style curry powder, vegetables and sultanas mix is what curries looked like in most households then.  Old fashioned maybe, but still a good vegetarian pie.


For years Mum made a savoury slice using sausage meat which she’d take on picnics, a recipe that I’ve made lots of times as well.  This sausage pie is a bit different though with the layers of sausage meat, tomato and onion topped with egg.  It’s sort of an adaption of an egg and bacon pie. I haven’t made it, but as it says it would be great hot or cold.


French Toast or really fried bread with cheese and walnuts?  The Wikipedia definition of French Toast is “a dish made of bread soaked in eggs and milk, then fried” which technically this is, but still for me French Toast has to have cinnamon and sugar or at least something sweet, not cheese and walnuts………..


As a child I loved going to stay at my Auntie Elsie’s as she would always make salmon patties for me, I loved them.  I’ve never managed to make any as good as hers and they certainly weren’t as fancy as these ones that John West published years later.  The closest here is the Australian version minus the corn or lemon.


I know it’s lazy but I think being able to buy frozen sheets of pastry is a wonder of modern baking.  Although I don’t usually buy wholemeal sheets I do think they would work really well in this tandoori flavoured chicken and vegetable roll.