When I found this ‘Meat to press, pot and roll’ article Mum had kept from the Herald Sun in 1993 it reminded me that buried at the back of one of my kitchen cupboards is an old meat press of hers. She used it make it make various potted and pressed meats, which I confess I thought were the same thing until I read this definition.

Mum mainly made pressed meats, usually tongue or beef. The article has this recipe for Potted Beef and Potted Ham and also one for Pressed Tongue. I never liked Pressed Tongue and I have never wanted to make it and doubt that anyone else does either these days so I’ve left it out, but the Beef and Ham recipes sound good. The article also shows alternatives to using a meat press. I’ve used the bowl, plate and brick method and it works really well, guess that’s why Mum’s press is still at the back of the cupboard.


Frittatas are such a useful thing to make. They can be fancy or fairly simple. They can be served hot or cold. You can make them for guests, the family or take them on a picnic. The list of things you can put in them is long, but this is the first time I’ve seen a recipe using sun-dried tomatoes and rice – I think it’s worth a try.


I think it’s the potato pea mash that attracts me to this recipe from the Woman’s Day, although I do like a good pie.  I can see a few other uses for the potato pea mash too – topping for a shepherd’s pie, as a side dish and what about fried up with an egg for breakfast??


The traditional egg and bacon pie in our family never has tomato or onion in it, so to me this is a very fancy version.  But if you must add the tomato my advice would be not to add too much as it can make it soggy – or just follow our example and leave it (and maybe the onion as well) out. Sometimes the old way is the really best way!!!!!


Since our trip to Spain and Portugal last year I’ve become very fond of chorizo sausages and am using them in all sorts of dishes.  This week I made Spanish Beef with Chorizo in the slow cooker and I really like them sliced and fried in cider with a glass of wine.  So adding them into hash browns can only be a good thing.