Almond Castles – a favorite english dessert.  Is it?  I’ve never heard of it and an online search didn’t seem to answer the question.  This recipe was on a page of desserts that Mum tore out of a 1991 New Idea.  Favorite or not it sounds good, especially with the raspberry sauce and cream.


I know tinned pineapple isn’t very popular these days, but back in the 70s it seemed to appear in lots of sweet and savoury dishes.  In going through Mum’s collection I’ve discarded many of them as I just don’t think anyone would want to make them now.  This one seemed to be a bit of an exception mainly, I think, as the berries add a tartness into the mix and that would counteract some of the sweetness of the pineapple, which in my opinion is the main problem with with tinned pineapple. (The biro underlining is Mum’s so she must have thought it would taste OK.)



Mum must have gone to some sort of Sun rice promotion as there is quite a few rice-based recipe sheets in her collection.  Not many of them are desserts though.  I thought this one might work well – rice, peaches, sultanas, honey and spices with a crumble topping smothered in either cream, custard or icecream definitely has some appeal.


Golden syrup dumplings have always been a family favourite, served up with a dollop cream or ice cream they’re delicious.  This is the first time though I’ve seen a recipe for raspberry dumplings.  Despite the name on the recipe I’m not sure they’re native to Canada!!  Of course, you can use fresh raspberries, just gently cook them with some sugar, water and butter, drain them and reserve the juice to mix with the golden syrup.