Mum and Dad must have picked the brochure that this recipe is on when they were visiting Gardenworld, which is a very popular plant nursery here in Melbourne. The brochure has recipes for various citrus marmalades, orange cake, a citrus sorbet and surprisingly helpful household hints using lemon juice for cleaning such things as rust stains from the bath and stiffening a straw hat!!! Of the recipes I thought this was the most unusual and might be worth a try. What do you think?


As well as not making a traditional Christmas Cake this year, I’m also not going to make a traditional boiled Christmas Pudding. I’ve decided to make a frozen one. I thought I’d make one I’ve made a few times before, but then I found this recipe and now might change my mind. It can be made as late as Christmas Eve and although it says to freeze it in a lamington tray, I sure if you put it in a bowl lined with plastic wrap when you turn it out – bingo you’ve got a Christmas pudding. You could even cover it in chocolate and decorations if you wanted to.


Going through the recipe collection this type of chocolate pudding comes up a lot. Mum used to make it quite often for the family, as it’s quick, easy and uses everyday things from the pantry. Served with lashings of cream or ice cream it’s hard to beat and greatly loved by chocolate lovers – even all these years later.


I confess I’ve never made anything with Coconut Milk Powder and I even wondered if was something you could still buy. Obviously I’ve now realized that you can, so it might well be worth trying out this very summery dessert – when the weather warms up enough, that is…..


I thought as it’s the last day of winter today it might be time for a summery dessert, although I may be being a little optimistic as it’s not exactly warm outside yet…. But the idea of some warmer weather and luscious cold desserts was just too hard to resist.


Brrrrrrrrrrrrr it’s cold outside and we’re back in lockdown again, so what better time to try out this Steamed Ginger Pudding. Steamed puddings were always a favourite winter dessert that Mum made for the family. Easy to prepare, economical to make they’re a great family dish and of course always served with lashings of custard and cream.


It’s been a cold, miserable week here in Melbourne. Between the rain, damaging winds and lockdown No. 4 the only thing that’s kept a lot of us going is planning and cooking yummy food. Lockdown has ended, but winter’s only just beginning. Hopefully this hearty, old fashioned pudding will help in the cold days ahead.