I thought this dumpling recipe was interesting because sweet dumplings are usually just flour and water balls that you drop into a golden syrup sauce in a pot on the stovetop.  These are a mix of flour, rice, milk and golden syrup and are cooked in a butterscotch sauce in the oven.  I haven’t made them yet, but from the picture they look really good.


You can make this recipe as six self-saucing puddings or one large family size pudding.  Tinned cherries are used and that makes it an all-year round pudding, although I think eating it hot and with a large dollop of cream screams ‘winter’ to me.


There’s two things I like about this recipe.   Firstly, the combination of apples and raspberries together in the filling  – I like the sweetness of the apples and the tartness of the raspberries.  And, secondly the addition of rice bran in the crumble mix.  I find some crumbles a bit dull, but the mix of rice bran, rolled oats and crushed nuts makes this one tasty.


I know going into winter is hardly the right time to post an ice-cream recipe, but for some people it doesn’t matter how cold it is it’s never too cold for a bowl of ice-cream.  This one has the added bonus of crunch peanut butter and chocolate, so who cares if it’s cold outside turn the heating up and enjoy it……………


I suspect it’s the peppermint crisps, the crunchie bars or whatever chocolate treat you feel like adding that will be the main appeal of this ice cream for the kids.  Even so it’s something they can make themselves, although I doubt all 3 bars will make it into the mix.


When this cheesecake slice with cinnamon, orange and sultana filling was published in the Woman’s Day it was described as ‘mouth-watering’ and they said that it would ‘really impress your family and friends’.   It looks fairly easy to make and should transport well, so they might be right and it would just thing to take when you’re asked to ‘bring something sweet’ to a gathering.