The concept of cooking the rice in beer for the base of this pizza is something I’ve never heard of before and I’m not sure I think it’s a good idea, but that could be because I’m not a beer drinker. It would certainly add some flavour, but maybe with all the yummy toppings you don’t need the beer. I think I’d make it cooked in chicken stock, but that’s just me.

2 thoughts on “SUPREME RICE PIZZA

  1. Thanks for sharing these recipes. It’s a time capsule and I love it.
    I have been gifted a lot of old recipe books and clippings from my Nanny (dec. 2022) and stumbled across your website when looking for her Mallee Quiche recipe.
    Scrolling your site reminds me of her. Thanks again.

    • It’s great that you’re enjoying these old recipes and that they remind you of your Nanny. Every time I sort through them and post some I’m remind of my lovely Mum and how much she enjoyed collection them and how much we loved eating all the great things she made. It’s a lovely way to keep her memory alive.

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