Hunting through Mum’s recipes I found this Pumped Leg of Lamb recipe and it’s brought back lots of memories.  Ham when I was a kid only came in cans and even then only on special occasions.  On the other hand lamb was readily available and cheap and Mum always made it to have as cold meat a Christmas time.  When cooked it had a vague ham look, taste and texture.  This recipe was printed in the Herald Sun in, I think, the 70s, I don’t have Mum’s original recipe, but I’m sure it didn’t have red wine, orange juice and honey in it, Mum’s was a much plainer version.

Pumped Leg of Lamb is similar to corned beef. You can’t buy it off the shelf these days, but I’m sure a butcher would be prepare it for you, like corned beef the  lamb is pumped with brine and you cook it the same was as corned beef.  Not sure if you want to try it out, but it does bring back lots of memories to me of cold meat and salads on hot Australian summer days.



6 thoughts on “LEG OF LAMB – PUMPED

  1. Big coincidence as I’ve been writing about my memory of the foods my mother cooked from 1941 to 1957. One meat was Pumped Leg of Lamb and my description and when we had it was almost identical to yours. I also remember Tongue with white parsley sauce when hot and sliced with gherkins for sandwiches or salads. Very tasty.

    • We also had pressed tongue with white sauce. I’m sure it sounds pretty dreadful to the modern generation, but ham was expensive and these substitutes were our Mums’ way of varying the family meal. Lots of great memories…………..

  2. Women’s weekly had a great recipe for lamb dressed as ham using a pumped leg, where it was baked in a massive pastry case, then cracked out of the case for a finishing bake with a crumbed topping. My mum made it for a bunch of Christmases in the 80s

      • Absolutely. I tried this one myself for a couple of Christmases and it was pretty amazing. Sadly I lost the recipe somewhere along the way. If anyone has it, please comment!

  3. My mums was simple leg of pumped lamb, 10 cloves, 1 onion, 2 bay leafs, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, and a splash of vinegar , cover the meat with cold water – mum used to say it stopped stinking cover and cook for around 2 hours depending on the size and she would add in another pot a cauliflower whole boiled for about an hour until cooked, then into a oven container, make white sauce or cheese sauce poor over the top add some cheese and brown, bring out when the top is brown and cover with foil and then rebake browning the sides and protecting the top from burning..

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