Not sure you can get much more Australian than damper, especially if you serve it with a lamb stew.  Originally it was a simple flour and water mix baked over a campfire, now recipes like this one have gone a step further using wholemeal flour, cinnamon and pumpkin. It still goes well with lamb though.


I’ve spent the morning preparing the fruit for both my Christmas cake and Christmas pudding.  I probably should have made them a few weeks ago, but Christmas seems to have crept up on me this year.  Puddings and cakes can still taste great even if you don’t make them weeks and weeks ahead.  This recipe is one of those and it’s unusual as it has sago in it.  It’s also a good one for those who don’t like their pudding laced with brandy or rum.


There’s so many different wrapped meatloaf recipes around.  There’s recipes for them wrapped in bacon, prosciutto and puff pastry.  What makes this a bit different is that it’s rolled up like a Swiss roll and the pastry is inside as well.  This old recipe uses a packet of chicken supreme soup to sop up the moisture, don’t think that’s available any more, but cream of chicken soup should do the job instead.


These no-bake snowballs have an interesting combination of ingredients – cornflakes, coconut, jam, cake or biscuits – all held together with copha.  Don’t think that makes a light and fluffy mix, which is sort of what I’d expect from a snowball, but it does make a tasty treat.


Yes, this is a fruit cake, but it’s only October so I’m not suggesting it should be your Christmas Cake.  It won’t be long before it’s time to get the Christmas recipes out and make the pudding and cake, but think there’s a few more weeks before you need to do that .  Sadly these days I only make fruit cakes at Christmas, but really they’re an easy cake to make, they keep well and ingredients like the pineapple and carrot in this recipe add extra flavour.  Worth making all year round really……