Unlike most pastries where you rub the butter into the flour, the pastry for this tart is made by beating the butter, sugar and water together then adding the flour – which is a little easier. Once the pastry has rested all you have to do is combine the filling ingredients and your tart is done. Except that is for arranging the strips in a lattice pattern over the top, perhaps the fiddliest bit, but well worth it for how terrific it looks when cooked.


Wow – this recipe takes me back to 70s dinner parties when Brandy Alexander Pies, Grasshopper Pies and these Chocolate Chiffon Pies were all really popular. None of them were particularly hard to make and could be made in advance, so except for plating up there was nothing to do out in the kitchen while the guests were at the table. The work was done and you could enjoy yourself……


This recipe comes from the back of a pack of Puff Pastry sheets. Of course you can make your own pastry, but really who has time for that, especially when the bought product is so good. Which leaves the biggest job to be the peeling, coring and slicing of the apples. Definitely worth the effort if you end up with a great pie like the one in the picture.