The blurb that goes went with this recipe from the Herald Sun cooking page says the recipe was given to the contributor by an American Rotary Exchange student and that it’s simple, sinful and cooks up fudgy and fantastic. I can imagine that’s all true, but I think it should also have added that it’s definitely only for chocolate lovers……


For Australians of my generation Camp Pie brings back memories of a tinned meat that was almost tastless and what taste there was wasn’t good. Our mothers would open the can, slice the meat and serve it with salad…….ughhh. Not a happy memory at all.

Thankfully this recipe has a bit more flavour and is a lot tastier. Although it’s only sausage meat, it does have some bacon and some sauce and spices to pep it up. It can only be an improvement only the tinned version – believe me…….


What makes this rice pudding recipe different is the use of Doongara rice and low fat and low sugar ingredients. It has Diabetes Australia approval. Doongara rice is a low GI Australian rice, which is said to be ‘ruin-proof,’ as it can be cooked for up to 5 minutes longer than the recommended cooking time and still result in fluffy grains. It’s a quick and easy dessert and especially good for those watching their sugar intake.


This is the first time I’ve seen cocoa powder used in a pork recipe – it seems very strange, especially when you add in the brown sugar and nutmeg, then cook it in milk and garlic. It comes from a recipe sheet put out by the Pork Promotion Centre, so I guess it works. Are you brave enough to try it? Not sure I am.


I came back from our first interstate holiday in 18 months last week and decided that I’d better restock the vegetable drawer. Somewhat enthusiastically, I bought a large bag of zucchinis that were on special. When I came to my senses I wondered just how two people where going to eat them all. So …. that started me on a hunt through the recipes and I came up with this one. I especially love it as it has handwritten extras scrawled at the end – now I just have to make it.


Autumn is a great time for pears here in Victoria. Of course, they’re a great fruit to eat raw, but if you want to jazz them up for dessert this is a nice easy recipe to try. Use a skewer to check that they’re tender though as you want them nice and soft, with lots of sauce and lashings of cream and almonds.


This year is the 100th anniversary of the RAAF, which my Father served in during WW2. He was a based in England and was the pilot of a Hailfax plane flying missions into Europe. Like many others we remember him on Anzac Day this month and so I thought it was appropriate to post this unusual Anzac biscuit recipe to mark the occasion. I haven’t tried it yet, but as the best Anzac biscuits are lovely and crisp, I hope this version is too.