This recipe serves 2, but it would be easy enough to double it and serve it as an entree at a dinner party, especially as you could prepare it beforehand and then cook it at the last minute.



A true Rum Baba is made with yeast, so this version is much more of a cake, but either way it’s the lovely orange and rum syrup poured over it that makes it so good.  Served with cream it makes a great dessert.


To begin with I thought this was corn beef fritters (which would have been good), but when I read the ingredients I realised it’s rissoles/hamburgers with corn, which is till a good mix.  I think they’d also work well if you used minced pork with a bit of soy sauce or even minced chicken.


Quite frankly this sounds a bit weird – even for the 70s.  It’s a strange combination of a prawn cocktail and grapefruit.  I used to make a grapefruit appetiser by halving a grapefruit, segmenting it, pouring in sweet sherry, sprinkling on brown sugar and then grilling the lot – it tasted quite good and was quick and easy to make.  It was also pretty cheap (a definite consideration back then).  I also used to make prawn cocktails, but only for very special dinners as they stretched the budget  quite a bit, but I never combined the two and I don’t think I’ll start now.