I love soup, especially if it is quick and easy to make like this one.  This is a really flexible recipe because, as suggested, you can change the vegetables and I don’t see why you couldn’t change the cheese type as well.  Using sourdough or a seeded bread could add to the flavour too.  Lots of choices really, whatever you like………….


Seems like winter is approaching fast, especially with Melbourne temperatures dropping to around 12o this weekend, so it must be soup time.  Probably my favourite time of the year, although to be honest I can enjoy a mug of soup nearly any time of the year.  This recipe calls for minted frozen peas, but if they aren’t available, I sure you could add a bit of chopped fresh mint instead.


Not sure I’d bother making this for a family meal, but when life eventually returns to normal and we’re allowed to have people over again for a meal it would be a great entree or lunch dish.  Stay well and safe everyone……………


This chowder recipe is a bit more economical than most.  Using a prepared marinara mix, instead of other individual and more expensive fish, cuts the cost and also the time preparing it.  Personally I’m not sure about adding cheese, could be worth trying, but I don’t see why you couldn’t leave it out either.